I Cheated With My Personal Trainer – Intense Workouts!

I put on a few extra pounds on over the holidays. I’ve been really worried about it because the pressure is on for my boyfriend’s birthday. The big 30 party is at his family’s lake house which also includes a huge pool. All of our friends are going to be there and in their bathing suits. Everyone has been doing a great job of keeping their bodies up. I needed results fast and hired the best personal trainer in the city. Man he’s good. I started to see some results after the first week. My confidence was sky rocketing and our training sessions seemed more intense personally then I thought they would be. I knew there was no way that he was like this with all his clients. It was hot, it was intense; I cheated with my personal trainer.

Before my body even started to change I felt an intense sexual attraction to my trainer. My boyfriend has no idea I even have a trainer. He thinks I’m at the gym just working out alone or something. Dumbass. He honestly doesn’t pay attention to me. For instance, once he thought I was taking a college class for a few weeks. He didn’t even notice that I had a gym bag with me!

Eventually he noticed a few changes. I gave him a spunky attitude and just stopped having sex with him. After having a sexy personal trainer to cheat with, there’s just nothing else I really want or need. With such a super hot man giving me his affection I was flattered. At first I didn’t think anything of it but before too long he was irresistible to me. The perfect moment came up and I cheated with my personal trainer right in the gym.

Feel the Cheating & Sexual Excitement Grow

The work out was intense and his teaching was close and personal. We cheated almost every day and I never told him that I had a boyfriend either. We were on the ground doing some strength training, he playfully bumped into me and gave me a devilish grin. I bumped him back and toppled him over. I pounced on him like a cat and bit him slightly on his bicep and then the side of the neck. His bicep is rock hard. Just massive and ripped.

My personal trainer lets out a grunt of desire and pulls me in. Kissing me deep and long. Other people in the gym see and they don’t know I am cheating either! There’s no hiding the attraction underneath his thin gray gym pants. We go to the unisex bathroom. I pulled his down his pant and took his massive, thick cock to my lips. I could feel his excitement grow as I teased and worked him from tip to base. In those moments I was in control, as strong as he was in the training room he was weak in the knees to my touch. I cheated with my personal trainer the next 4 sessions. That bathroom might not ever be the same again!

Nobody knows we sneak off into private parts of the gym and get naughty. He pounds me so hard and I can’t think about anything else. All week long I feel so good. I cheat with my personal trainer but I can’t stop – I think I am addicted. My boyfriend just isn’t enough anymore. My trainer has me craving his perfect body and enormous cock. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He makes me moan and scream. It’s thrilling seeing him grow under his pants. I’ve never laid eyes on such a big cock. His size is addicting. I cheated with my personal trainer and my boyfriend still doesn’t know.