Guidance Sessions

Need some unbiased advice?
Want to confidentially discuss your situation?
How about some to just lend an ear?

Cheating situations can be difficult. You may feel guilty, angry, resentful, depressed or just confused. No matter which of these describes you, one thing is certain: You want clarity and you want to feel better.

ICOMB will help guide you through this (or just be a good listener if that’s what you’re looking for.) At ICOMB, we will guide you on a path towards self-discovery and honesty in order to figure out what is best for you. We will never pressure you to do something you don’t want to do, however we will encourage you to make the best decisions for yourself. We are here to help you be the best YOU possible.

Our guidance is:

  • Confidential. We understand how important it is for you to handle this situation privately. Knowing that, we are very discreet in how we handle our guidance sessions. No pictures, video chat or full names will be used.
  • Convenient. You can have your guidance session on your schedule either through skype voice chat, skype IM or telephone. Again, all information is kept private.
  • Supportive. We offer non-judgemental, unbiased support. It’s likely you’re being hard on yourself and may have other people condemning you already – we only want to help.
  • Guaranteed. ICOMB was created to help cheaters find hope in their tough situations. We GUARANTEE that you will be satisfied with your guidance or we will give you a 100% refund. You come first and we want you to be successful.

What will you get?

  • Clarity into your situation
  • Emotional relief
  • Steps to take toward making a full recovery

Choose your desired session length and click below to order your CONFIDENTIAL personalized guidance session today! When deciding what session length best fits for you, we recommend completing a 60 minute session initially. There are multiple subjects and emotions to work through and so much more to complete. As a bonus, if you do decide on a 60 minute session, we include a copy of our eBook: I Cheated On My Boyfriend: What To Do After Cheating for free!